Street legal electrical golf carts with solar panels

We develop and sell theese street legal electrical golfcarts with solar panels.
The maximum speed of the vehicle is 40 km per hour. The vehicle can manage terrain grades up to 20 %. On a full load you can drive approximately 80 km with a speed of 20 km per hour on plane ground. The solar panels adds even more driving range. The range will vary depending on grade, temperature, payload and driving stile. It takes approximately 2 hours to reload. Our golf cart is street legal in all EU.
It is an environmental green electrical vehicle with solar panels. The golf cart is shaded from most sun and rain and after it has been parked in the sun it is not steaming hot to enter the vehicle.
Solar Eagle is owned by KD Hydraulik which has existed since 1998 producing/developing and selling waste trucks. We have a strong support department with many special skills.